About Page Stegner

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About Page Stegner

I was a general contractor for 28 years in the Lake Tahoe area. From the time I was an infant through high school, I listened to my father play with his award winning Bluegrass band in Santa Cruz, California where I grew up.

When my son was 10 years old, I shut down the cable TV and taught him to play the mandolin.  Three years later, he and I produced a CD with ten songs for a dying friend of the family. Those three years of my son and me playing and practicing together created a bond that goes deeper than words can express.

I have always had a passion for music and when I discovered the Simply Music approach I knew I had the chance to share my love of music in a powerful way that really creates successful, self-expressed musicians.

I love teaching and working with students of all ages and abilities. I feel that if I can help someone achieve success in music, it will help them succeed in other areas of life as well.

We all deserve to have music as a lifelong companion, and I believe the lessons I present offer everyone that opportunity.