About Curriculum

Reno Tahoe Piano Lessons in Reno, NV and Truckee, CA, teaches a breakthrough Australian, piano-learning method that has students of all ages playing great sounding music from their very first lessons.

Students start by learning a vast amount of music covering a wide range of musical styles, from Pop, Classical, Blues, Accompaniment and Improvisation.

After learning 30 to 50 pieces in their first year, students then go on to learn to read music, but because they now have a solid foundation and know how to PLAY the Piano, learning to read music is as easy as learning our ABC’s.


Year one:

• 35 to 50 pieces of various musical genres;
• Develop the basics of accompaniment performance;
• Establish a strong foundation of playing;
• Prepare for the introduction of music writing and reading, as well as music composition.

Year two:

• 25 to 40 pieces of various musical genres;
• Develop a stronger foundation of blues and jazz;
• Develop a stronger foundation of classical and contemporary music;
• Develop a broader experience of accompaniment performance;
• Develop a foundation of music reading, writing and composition;

Year three:

• 15 to 30 pieces of various musical genres;
• Expand accompaniment performance and music composition;
• Develop a more complex classical and popular foundation;
• Develop more complex blues and jazz foundation;
• Develop the basics of improvisation and arrangement;
• Expand the foundation and understanding of music theory and its practical application.