“After decades of classical piano I find myself grateful for the opportunity with Page Stegner to approach the piano from a new perspective. The Simply Music program as give me a new creative relationship with my piano and my music. The program has allowed me to make music at the piano and not just mechanically play the keys.

TEstimonials about Simply Music“Better still, and contributing greatly to making the lessons a fun and positive experience, is our teacher Page Stegner. Page has his students working and learning together. When we stumble through the music, Page always focuses on the one or two things we did right, then builds our music and our confidence from there. I feel so lucky to have found this program and this teacher.” – Anne

“At 83 years of age, this wonderful program has given my life a dimension that has brought me much joy and satisfaction.  It is so fulfilling to sit down at the piano and play.  The experience of Simply Music has helped me to cope with stress and even sadness.  I have been most fortunate and blessed to have had the experience of Simply Music piano lessons”   –  Sara Larmer Meuse, Sacramento CA

“Let me begin by saying just how thrilled I am with the Simply Music program.  I’m playing better now than I did after years of traditional lessons.”  –  Steve Manuel, Executive Producer-Prime Time Discover Channel, Washington, DC

“My 8 year old Daughter’s continued interest and excitement in the Simply Music learning method is directly related to the instant gratification she receives and the amazement of her friends who are learning piano through traditional lessons.”  – Rose Weskamp, Truckee CA

“I have found Simply Music to be a delightfully unique approach to easily learning how to play the piano.  Simply Music gives you a repertoire of songs (played with both hands!) in the first few lessons BEFORE you even learn how to read music.  It’s a great way for children & adults to learn how to play the piano.  It’s very satisfying to be able to share your new-found “expertise” with your family & friends right after your first lesson.  It’s easy and it’s fun!  – Jan Brittain, Truckee CA

“I’ve been studying the Simply Music piano learning system with Page for six weeks.  I’m in my 40’s and have never studied piano before, but I already know 9 songs!  I’m not parroting the music, I can feel my basic piano skills improving with each day of practice.  And I’m having fun, so I practice all the time!  I would never have had the patience to study in the traditional way.  The “building blocks” approach is easy, fun and sustainable – so it’s something I’ll keep doing even after the initial novelty wears off.”  –  B. B., Truckee CA